Full Exposure is concerned with raising public awareness in order to understand the needs, appreciate the abilities and raise the status of those with vision impairment.
June 6th, 6/6 (the Israeli version of 20/20), lends itself as the ideal day to invite Israel’s public not to see but to learn and experience the life of others who have vision impairement.

In order to develop public support and empathy we promote Blind Day, a day of identification with the daily issues confronting those with vision loss. The Blind Day reaches all levels of activity including sessions being held at the Knesset, extensive national media attention, community and local activities and all kicked off by the President of Israel demonstrating the importance and relevance of this day. Blind Day is the culmination of the year’s activities and education programs and training in our constituent organizations.

In addition, throughout the year, information is updated and is available to the public and those with vision impairment. Information empowers and leads to independence, empathy and, thereby, an improvement of services and quality of life.