In May 2003 THE CENTER FOR THE BLIND IN ISRAEL entered its new home in the center of Tel Aviv. This was the realization of the dream of our Director, Mr. Herzl Muchtar, to arrange as many services for the visually handicapped as possible until one roof.

Services available at the Center include the various departments of THE CENTER FOR THE BLIND IN ISRAEL, the umbrella organization supervising the work of the different Blind Societies throughout the State of Israel, including the Israel-Arab sector. Services available also include an auditorium for cultural programs, lecture halls and a professional library for field workers.

Our retail store occupies the first floor and a Pedagogical Institute with study and computer training areas for visually handicapped children in situated on the third floor.

Other organizations dedicated to assisting the blind and located in the facility include :

• Migdal-Or, American Israeli Lighthouse Rehabilitation Teaching Center
• The Association of the Blind in Israel assisted by Seeing Eyes Dogs
• A Low Vision Center
• Sheshet – Association of the Blind in Israel
• Center for Deaf-Blind Persons
• The Ministry of Education – Pedagogical Institute
• Hushim – organization for workers with the visually handicapped